Ah summertime…and a new little angel to bless us each day. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and love over the past year while Liviah was growing…and now she has joined us, experiencing gravity and all (poor little thing!) We feel truly blessed…Ladi is the best big sister ever. All of this is sure to fuel some wild creativity in me!

Stay tuned CommUNITY!

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2 Responses to Renewal…

  1. Miss Holly, Mama Holly, Musical Holly,
    You are Beauty Incarnate! Love the CD. Love your face. And I trust in YOUR Love!!!!!
    Happy Holidays to your whole family.
    Oceans of Love,
    Laurie Bee

  2. Mary Ellen Haebig DeHaven says:

    Hello Holly – we have met occasionally at family gatherings – I am your dad’s first cousin – and his favorite (kidding). Through neglect I have not attended your concerts. Listening to your newest album I am sooooo impressed. Just downloaded it. It is very moving, and you are so very talented. This is mostly from your mom but I would guess there is some Haebig in there. You, Reggie and your dad lived across the steet from us in Shorewood for a short time when you were a tot, what a coincidence. I am very happy for all your joy, Ladi, Livia and your life!

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